Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sea lion :: 海狮

Sea lions in the bubbles~
Don't you think the are cute?
This is a earlier job,
and there is something incomplete with it.
So i decided to keep it for myself.

This sea lion is not too big,
it is suitable to be a key chain,
a hair deco, hanging on bag,
complete with a magnet and paste it on the fridge,

There are some other sea animals available.
For those who are interested to get some as your collection,
please feel free to leave me a message^^

Convo Bear :: 毕业小熊

This is a convo bear bear ordered by my best friend.

I made it according to a book and have do some modify~
I have add on a convo hat and silver buttons on it. Hope my friend will like it^^
It will be a key chain after all.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To teach measuring :: 教测量

This is another project for our Math assignment.
We need to make a teaching aid to help in teaching measurement.
After some discussion, we decided to do a model of neighborhood.
May be you will ask how this map will help in teaching measurement.
Well, you can start by ask children to compare the height of buildings.
After that, you can ask them to estimate the height of buildings or length of road.
Before asking them to measure the items with ruler, you can make them try to measure with concrete things such as using paper clip, toothpick, ice-cream stick.
Hope the children can learn and have fun with this teaching aid. ^^

A hospital

How to measure the roundabout??
Using string to measure then measure the length of the string using ruler.
*Make sure the children measure by the center of the road, between the outline and the inner line.
Make a cover to protect the things.

Playground and the school.

There is a road sign at every road.
So that children will know which road they need to measure.

Muthu's house

Fruits stall
There are oranges and watermelons at the fruits stall.
Do you want to buy some??

pop-up cards :: 创意卡片

Here are some pop-up cards that my partner and i do for the math assignment.